When I was in school I had a notebook that took more ink than any of my homework copybooks. I bought it, like my first guitar, because it ‘looked beat-up’ to quote a blues man.

I always loved writing. In that old notebook I wrote everything from songs to poems to short flash fiction and screenplays, or bits of screenplays. In 4th year at around 16 I wrote a screenplay based on the short story The Wolves of Cernogratz. I showed it to my English teacher at the time who encouraged my writing and said I had a knack for dialogue.

Tommy Halferty encouraged everybody, at whatever they wanted to do. Most especially the arts though. The man a famous jazz guitarist – Bill Clinton’s favourite apparently, and that man knows jazz – he loved his students to pursue their musical talents or writing talents, whatever it happened to be. I pursued both.

And as most teenagers do, I found short-term gain more enjoyable than long-term aims and I joined a rock band. Always infinitely more cool than tapping away on Windows 95 at home all weekend. I set my aim solely on song-writing although with the ambition to study film and screen-writing at college.

When I finally got to college I had found my interest had waned and everything an 18 year old does, I did. Twice. Music took over my outward creativity and aside from taking a sub-editing job at a Sunday newspaper, I lived to write songs and play live.

I moved to daily paper and found the chore of writing or rewriting reports for most of the week had ebbed away my interest in writing prose or scripts, even reading books. The short snap of a song took an even bigger place in my heart. I recorded an EP and two albums with the band I set up with some friends, Stephen Young & The Union, and it wasn’t until the stilted recording process of the second album did I start to write prose again.

I penned a diary of our time making that record, the tortuous process and all the in-fighting, really for nobody’s eyes but my own or the band. Then in autumn 2016 I just turned on the laptop and started writing a novel.

It was a bolt from the blue. And I started reading books again too.

I have no expectations, and after years in the underground tunnels of the music industry I have no idea of what I’m doing. None whatsoever.

So this is my new page for all my new creations. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you like what you see.